How to Setup the Netgear WNA3100 Wireless Adapter?
An Apollo III Communications' FAQ - Updated November 24, 2013

It took me quiet a number of hours getting my WNA3100 Wireless-N 300 (broadcom) network adaper working with Linux. There were lots of questions and answers provided throughout the internet. For me, none of the answered worked. Most of them has some of the steps, but none of them had all the steps that eventually worked.

After I finally got it working, I decided to record the steps in one location for future references as well as for providing to others all the steps in one page that works (in each of my tested instances).

This was performed on Ubuntu installations.

File Packages needed:

Grab the latest drivers from the Manufacturer:

Trouble Shooting:

1) Make sure your USB adapter is recognized by your motherboard.  If it's not recogonized either your motherboard or the adapter might be defective.

Run this command and look for the Netgear device:

$ sudo lsusb

2) Verify that your ndiswrapper has your driver loaded and functioning:

$ sudo lshw -C network

This page will be updated according to feedback and validating the clarity and functionality of these steps.
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 -- L. James L. D. James