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Frequently Asked Questions about Connecting to VATSIM using the FSInn Pilot Client

This document is not to replace the PRC found on www.vatsim.net/prc , the FSInn Manuals, FAQ's and Wiki Documentation found on www.mcdu.com .  I'm providing it as a quick reference for the many questions that are being ask frequently, mainly on VATSIM.  I conveniently placed it here so that as the most frequently questions change, I can just as quickly add or modify this page.

As you can see, this document is starting out very small.  I'll check it most of the time when answering questions in the forums.  If the question has been asked and answered many times, I'll put the question and answer here.

1 How do I configure the Voice for Talking to ATC?
2 I configured my PTT, why can't the controllers hear me (or vice-versa)?
3 Why does a plane follow me most of the time?
4 Why am I having connection problems?
5 Why do I only have Flight Simulator's Default Aircraft on VATSIM?
6 Why isn't my VIP/MPP being displayed?
7 Why does the FSInn Button Stay Amber when I click it (Multiplayer/Lobby Connection Failure)?
8 Why does my addons (FSInn, LevelD Aircraft, other Aircraft panels and gauges, Scenery, etc.) Fail when FSInn is installed?
9 How can I increase my FPS with FSInn?
10 How can I change my Default Callsign?
11 Can somone point me to an easy to follow step-by-step install guide for FSInn?
12 Where can I download the latest version of FSInn?
13 Why can't I see Aircraft on VATSIM?
14 Why can't ATC (and others) see me?
15 How can I get the Server List when the Load Servers Button fails?
16 How do I run FSInn from a Remote Computer?
17 Why is FSCopilot Failing to Install (Error writing file)?
18 Why am I getting a new version message when I run FSInn

Configuring Sound and the PTT (Push To Talk)

The PTT option is found in the FSFDT Control Panel.  It can be found in the Start Menu under the FSFDT group, labeled Control Panel.  It's the icon in the tasktray that looks like a traffic light.  You can right click on it to bring it up.  The option is under Voice -> VATSIM -> Key mappings.  You can set the Key or Joystick button to click from this panel.


Troubleshooting Sound

Some key's might cause conflict with Flight Simulator or some other program. If you have problems with your PTT, you might test a different selection. Many people reports problems with the CAP's lock key as a choice.

The sound quality can be checked by making sure you have the correct speaker configuration of the sound device drivers matching your physical speaker layout. If you have your sound device configured 7.1 surround sound to a physical sterio (only two speakers) setup the quality will be affected. You might not even hear anything or faint output.

Check also the mixer equalizer options also for bass and trebble settings. Some sound driver software has many options such as choosing the type and size of the room, choosing headphones over speakers and type of sound (voice or music).


Troubleshooting Sound Output

Check the device settings for Headset and Speakers.  You can actually specify the same or difference devices for the two.  For each check and verify each device you have available for both the wave and directsound mode.  Ensure that all volume controls are set sufficiently to the right.

If you have echos, check that you have muted your mic playback open via Windows Mixer. You won't to have the recording option turned all the way up and the playback (the local playback) muted.


Troubleshooting Sound Input

Check the volume levels in the FSFDT Control Panel (FSFDT Control Panel -> Voice -> VATSIM -> Volumes).  Make sure the controls are sufficiently to the right.  Some drivers will mute the mic or input device when a program first access it.  You can check this by going into the Windows Sound option (found by right clicking the speaker icon in the tasktray).

Look for the microphone or input device and ensure that the volume levels there are sufficient raised and that it's not marked as muted.  Also ensure that you have the same device set in the FSFDT Control Panel as the one you verify in Windows as available and working.


Testing the Sound Device

I would recommend installing Teamspeak, which is easily configurable for testing the sound.  It has what's called a "Local Test Mode". Use that to check the working device, then configure FSCopilot to use the same device.


Check Network connectivity (if you can't hear ATC or Vice-Versa)

Check the bars in the VVL panel. You can get to this panel by clicking from the Inn Control Panel -> Advance -> VVL. When you switch to a frequency you.ll see three horizontal bars. The middle bar will show your connection to the Voice Status. Green will indicate you.re successfully connected to the voice server. You can point to it with your mouse cursor and it will indicate to you the function. If you have a problem with connection, check your network connectivity, firewall and antivirus configuration. A most common problem is a third party firewall/antivirus block.


A plane follows me

Disable Automatic P2P establishing. This allows you to easily fly P2P with pilots of your choice and not have the problems with clients with faulty configurations.

Inn Control Panel -> Set -> Network -> Peer To Peer -> (Check) Disable Automatic Peer to Peer establishing.

After this setting you can selectively P2P connect to each plane and identify the culprit to eleminate.

Installing the Loopback adapter alsoresolves the issue and retains the benefit of P2P. Please test this and report the results to the forum (instructions for installing loopback adapter in question #4).

P2P which is enabled by default allows faster updates (realtime) and a more fluid motion. This is especially benificial when flying formation.


I keep getting disconnected (Or Can't Connect)

  • Check the server in use. Try a different one preferable with a better ping. You can get the list from Current List of VATSIM Servers, Servinfo or VATSpy.
    (Inn Control Panel -> SET -> Network -> VATSIM -> Server).
  • Many connection problems are resolved by the presents of a loopback network adapter.

    You can install Microsoft's Loopback adapter by going to Add Hardware (Control Panel) -> Next -> (select) Yes I have already connected the hardware -> Next -> (Select) Add a new hardware device -> Next -> (Select) Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advance) -> (Select) Network adapters -> Next -> (Select) Microsoft (Select) Microsoft Loopback Adapter -> Next -> Next -> Finish

    (For Windows Vista and Windows 7: (Right Click) My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager -> (Select) Computer -> (click) Action -> Add Legacy Hardware -> Next -> (tick) Install the Hardware manually -> Next -> (Select) Network adapters -> Next -> (Select) Microsoft -> (select) Microsoft Loopback Adapter -> Next -> Next -> Finish)

    For the IP and Subnet mask use and Leave the Default Gateway blank.

    After installing the loopback adapter, find the Network Connections icons VIA Windows Control Panel. Right Click on the loopback adapter's icon for the properties menu. Go into TCP/IPv4 and set the IP and Subnet mask.

  • Verify that ports 6809 TCP, 3782 TCP+UDP and 3290 UDP are not blocked. Fowarding may be required for some router configurations.
  • Many Connection issues are the result of third party firewall/antivirus programs blocks. Look at the FAQ question #13 for details for this resolution and perform the steps.


I'm Seeing only Default Aircraft

FSinn uses whatever Aircraft you have installed on your computer for displaying when on VATSIM. This includes all AI both default AI, any commercial AI packages, as well as any freeware AI installed.

To have more variey, install more AI packages.

There are a couple packages provided to give compatibilty with the Squawkbox packages VIP and MPP. While they are not the best in design for FPS effeciency, they will fill the immediate void while the user accomulates his own more effecient shareware AI models.

After installing new models and packages, to have FSInn recoginzie your installed AI This Tool (written by Peter Hornfeck).


My VIP/MPP isn't being displayed

For standard VIP package (SetupFSFDTVIPStandard2004.exe) download and install the enabler.

FS9 uses the AI (or addon aircraft) in the Aircraft directory. FSX uses the SimObjects\Airplanes for this same purpose. So for place your VIP directory or MPP packages (by default) into:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft

C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes


FSInn Stays Amber when I click it (Multiplayer/Lobby Connection failure

This is a symptom of a corrupted FS9 registry. Either of the following sould resolve the issue. The first one would most likely be the easiest.

  1. Run fs9tool.exe from http://flightsim.apollo3.com (will fix the corrupted registry [32bit only]).
    (For Vista right click to run as administrator).
  2. Connect to FSInn from FS9's Multiplayer's screen.
  3. Reinstall FS9 (will fix the corrupted registry).


Addons (LevelD Aircraft, other Aircraft, panels and gauges, and Scenery) Fail when FSInn is installed

(An FSX issue)

Move the FSCopilot entry to the bottom of the dll.xml file. To locate it, type this in the "Run" field of Windows Start Manu:


You may use this web utility for convenience in reordering your dll.xml file: http://flightsim.apollo3.com/utils/dllxmlorder.pl .

(At present there isn't a workable solution for the Wilco PIC 737/FSInn Combination is quiet iffy... the dllorder tool works for some and doesn't for otheres. Windows 7 64bit - FSX - FSInn - PIC 737)


Tips for Enhancing FSInn's Performance (Increase FPS)

You can increase your FPS by changing some of the default settings:

  1. Adjust the MP range down from the default 150 miles to a far lower figure.
    (Found in the Inn Control Panel under Mulplayer)

  2. Increase the Weather refreash rate from the default 5 seconds to something in minutes.
    (Found in the Inn Control Panel under Weather)

  3. When you have high detailed third party addon aircraft installed such as the PMDG and LevelD, FSInn might resolve other planes in the area as those high detailed models and eat up system resources displaying them. Verify to uncheck (unchecked by default) Resolve to exact model priority.

    You can also check "Only use lowres Models" (unchecked by default).

    These settings are located at Inn Control Panel -> Set -> Various. You can make the changes on the fly without disconnecting from VATSIM and immediately see any difference they make.

  4. Turn off FSInn Graphical borders.
    (Inn Control Panel -> SET -> General -> (Uncheck) FSInn Graphical borders.)

  5. Exclude your high resolution Addon Planes such as PMDG and LevelD.
    (Create a file named FSInn.CFG with the content in the box below. Put a copy of this fine in the root directory of your high detailed addon aircraft.)


  6. Run FSInn/FSCopilot on a remote machine rather than the FS machine (see FAQ question #8).


How can I change my default callsign?

There are two ways to change your callsign. One way is to change the callsign entry in Inn Control panel's Network configuration. This immediate way will override the default callsign, staying permanent for VATSIM unless you change it usign this same procedure:

    Inn control panel -> Set -> Network -> VATSIM -> [type in Net Specific Callsign]

A more portable way would be to leave this Net Specific Callsign field blank. With this being blank, the callsign seen at the bottom of the Inn Control Panel will be the one that will be effective when you connect to VATSIM.

You can easily change it here just by typing over the callsign on the bottom of the Inn Control Panel and pressing ENTER.


A quick VATSIM/FSInn Install Guide

Announcement - Installing FSInn


Where can the latest version of FSInn be downloaded?

The latest version of FSInn is FSInn1.3B2_3. FSInn requires the FSCopilot API (FSCopilot1.7B2_4).

Use the link provided in: Installing FSInn


ATC and Pilots can see me, but I can't see Aircraft On VATSIM

The most likely culprit is your third party firewall/antivirus program.

  1. Check your Multiplayer Max Plane setting.
    (Inn Control Panel -> Set -> General -> Multiplayer)
  2. Ensure you've given full access to the three modules mentioned in the quick install steps
  3. If this fails, try disabling your third party firewall/antivirus program.
  4. There's a reported bug in the various windows OS' which a hotfix may resolve. Try applying the OS hot fix at: http://support.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=961775&kbln=en-us . It usually manifestes itself by causing network interfernce with the installation of many third party Firewall/Antivirus programs. (Windows Vista)
  5. Some third party firewall/antivirus programs can only be disabled by uninstalling them, even though they have an option that says disable. So the uninstall might be the only way to check if this is the culprit (which almost always is).

    Uninstall your third party firewall/antivirus program.
    If uninsalling your third party firewall/antivirus program cures this issue, then work with the support people of your third party firewall/antivirus program on how to fix the issue (or change the third party firewall/antivirus program for one that works).

    Windows builtin firewall should suffice during the instance of this check.


ATC and others can't see me

Ensure you haven't put a check mark under observer.

This option is found where you put your Name and homebase information.


The Load Servers Button Fails

The load server button isn't available at this time. You can enter your preferred server manually to change it. You can get the server list from the Current List of VATSIM Servers or Servinfo. You can use Servinfo's ping option to pick out the best connection to your computer.


Running FSInn From a Remote Computer

Running FSInn on a remote computer is simple. Just install FSInn on the remote computer in your local network and run it. Follow the normal installation instructions for the install. Everything else is automatic. There.s nothing special that you have to do.

Of course you will have to install FSInn on both computers (the FS computer and the remote computer) but after you.ve performed your installation, just choose which computer you want to run FSInn and start it on that computer.

If you have FSInn and Flight Simulator installed on more than one computer in your network you can specify the hostname or IP of the Flight Simulator instance you want to connect to:

FSFDT Control Panel -> Config -> FSCopilot -> (tick) Specify -> (Type in hostname or IP of FS computer)

There are two components for using FSInn on VATSIM. They are run from the start menu.

The FSInn Control Panel
     called "FSInnUI"

FSFDT Control Panel
     (called "Control Panel", resembled a traffic light in the task tray).

If you run both these programs from the remote computer rather than the FS computer you'll get the maximum FS performance.

Make sure you have Flight Simulator running on the FS machine when you perform key assignments.

Sound on the Remote Computer:

To have full sound on the remote computer, use the option to disable sound on the current FS computer and enable sound on the remote computer. (FSFDT Control Panel -> Voice -> VATSIM -> (Check) Enable VATSIM Voice on this computer

This is covered on page 11, section 1.4 of the FSInn manual (Installation on a remote computer).


Problems Installing FSCopilit (Error Writing)

Run fsxfix.exe from the download section of http://flightsim.apollo3.com to correct the registry issue. (Vista user right click to run as admin.)



A new version of FSInn is Available (error)

Unselect FSInn Internet Online mode ( Inn Control Panel -> SET -> General - General -> (uncheck) FSInn Internet Online Mode).