Current VATSIM Servers List

VATSIM's timestamp on this list: UTC 04/16/14 10:03
Total Servers - 9

Name IP Address Location Description Ping Cnt
ASIA Tokyo, JAPAN ASIA NoJavaSupport 12
EUROPE-CC Europe Center Europe Server NoJavaSupport 71
EUROPE-CE Czech Republic CenterEast Europe Server - sponsored by VACC-CZ NoJavaSupport 61
EUROPE-W France EUROPE-W NoJavaSupport 12
UK London, UK UK NoJavaSupport 59
USA-E New Jersey, USA USA East NoJavaSupport 7
USA-N Vancouver, CANADA USA North NoJavaSupport 8
USA-W San Francisco, USA West USA NoJavaSupport 12
The "Ping" column doesn't represent a real ping. It's an intensive connection test. A zero result doesn't mean the server isn't available. It just represents the connection may not be the best for your computer at the instance of running the test.
The last column (Cnt) is the connection count. You might try a server with less connections for better performance and a better distribution of the load.