BashEclipse Debuging Steps
Apollo III Communicatons' FAQ - Updated July 17, 2016

1 Select Debug perspective
2 Right click on your script.  Navigate to Debug Configurations.
3 Select Bash Script... click the icon to create a new configuration (if you already have one click on the current one).
4 Give the configuration a name.  Click Browse to find the script.  Ensure the port is 33333.
5 Click Debug.
6 Right Click your script again, then Select "Run As" ... Click "Run Shell Script".
7 You may have to click on a button to browse to find your script for the debugger.  You're in.  Use the normal Debugger options from the debug perspective.
8 You can easily restart your script from the debug menu by right clicking on the script name in the "Debug" window and clicking the "Terminate and Relaunch" option.  Then continue from step #6.  Step 8 is handy for starting the launch after making changes to your script.

There are many short cuts that can be taken.  If you run into problems, being careful to perform the steps above is a way to ensure getting a proper start.

Causes and Resolutions to Errors:

Error Message Cause Resolution
./ line 5: read: 33: invalid file descriptor: Bad file descriptor Running Script Outside of Debug Ensure to start Debugger (Step 5) before running the Script.
./ connect: Connection refused Running Script outside of Debug Ensure to start Debugger (Step 5) before running the script.
./ No such file or directory file not in startup directory of script. Use "pwd" as the first command to see where to verify where the script is starting.